Thursday, June 25, 2009

Love/Hate ChicChat Giveaway

My Girl, Brittany is doing a June Giveaway over at Chic Chat !

For a chance to win either a year subscription to Glamour magazine or Cosmopolitan magazine stop by Quickly (im a slacker) and check out the Chic Chat Blog!

Women: Love/Hate

5 reasons I love/hate being a women!


Shopping! A girl can never ever have enough shoes/purses/accessories! We have much better clothing options and men well they tend to just have a few pairs of shoes...shirts and pants...BORING!

Babies! Women carry the babies. It is such a wonderful experience watching your body transform in order to grow and nourish a baby. Then, on top of all of that you get another name! MOM!

The Female body: Lets admit it...we really lucked out in this department..I mean come on...have you ever just really stared at a male nude. wth. lol! =)
This brings me to another key point...we get to choose where/if we want hair in areas some men dont ever even think about other than soap/water.

housing: Some men believe women take care of/run the household...well this is 2009. Its funny how most men want their *man zone* (you know that area where they hang all their dorky beer crap??) I love that man zone...where was I going with this...

oh yeah!!! man zone=peace && quiet! Plus beer signs in the living room are a nogo. !!!

(remind me next house I move into I need one of those on my "wants list")

*make-up & hair: Us women, have the option to switch up our look whenever we want!!! We can smell differently depending on our mood/change the color of our best features via makeup/try a new hair style out/have long hair/short hair/curls/straight...all depending on our mood!
Now tell can do this stuff too...and they may secretly wish they could (dont lie) But there is really only so many ways to gel your hair/cut it...and if you use more than a few bottles in the bathroom...our perfectly plucked eyebrows may raise at the sight!


that time of the month: This is probably the suckiest part about being female...even though the purpose of having these = a Love. Its not fun having cramps/bloating etc. ect. ect. There's more but....

nuff said.

*maintaining ourselves: Somedays it would be nice to shower, not shave if we don't want to...and throw on those two key items = shirt, pants. and just walk out the door... total time 10 minutes MAX!!!

*horomones: Sometimes they make us too hot...moody...and irritable... all for no reason... & sometimes when you are just trying to TALK to a man they insist you are being a nag/bitching/whatever you want to label it as. Can't we just -have a bad day- ???

*the bathroom situation: You can pee whenever where ever without toilet paper, even!!! The toilet paper thing is a bit gross...Id say...but yeah have you seen a women's restroom???...they are sometimes equally gross as a mens....I wonder if a public restroom design would be a good know something more "hover" appropriate?

*weight: Males somehow turned a "beer belly" into a trophy...but if women don't shed every inch of having a baby off in 2 weeks...we are considered over weight...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Feeling Blue

Most of you all know that at the age of 14 I lost my dad to cancer. On March 15, 2000 my life changed forever. I miss him every. single. day. but there are certain days- like today, father's day...they just hurt a bit more.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I hate Squares!

Square, boxes--that is. So sick of seeing them!!!

I am still trying to get unpacked!!!
This is getting ridiculous!

, Cory took off work and he, Olivia, myself, and his little cousin Brittany all went down to Tennessee to visit his dad and step mom. We had a great time! It was nice to meet them, and my first time to TN..We went swimming, drove the 4 wheelers and had a nice time! It was good to get away for awhile!

Even if it was a round trip total of like 13 hours in the car...makes me appreciate the fact that I have a mini van now...much less cramped.

We are back home now and Cory's cousin is here with us...We talked to her mom and she is going to stay for the summer here with us since I need help...right now I am focusing on getting the house situated...but the great part of having her here is that I will be able to find a job...and work one! LOL! Being newly resided in Kokomo, I am not familiar with any daycare centers here and I do not want to just "pick one"

Having Brittany here will be such a big help to me!!! Just yesterday, I was able to get so much more done around here 2 extra hands is GREAT!

Oh and PS.. I mentioned a few Entries back that Tricia was having her baby on June 9th...Madilyn Hope arrived on June 10th instead...everyone is doing fine and at home now!!! Congrats Tricia and Nate!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantabulously Frugal Giveaway!

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Life At The New House!

I thought I would take a moment to come in and write a quick entry! Above is a sneak peek at our new house!!!

The move has gone well! We had everything set up from the apartment by the next day! Then, we went to Fort Wayne and brought over my belongings. ITS A MESS NOW! So that is what I am trying to get organized today! My mom has Olivia until tomorrow so I need to get things in gear!

I did not realize that I had this much in my storage unit! It is a long process of weeding out the "doubles" (things Cory and I both have). I think a garage sale might be in the near future for us!

That being said. We are very happy here! It is quiet and the park being right there is awesome! I am sitting on my computer right by the window and can hear the waterfall splashing away! Sooo relaxing!!! We even have visitors everyday--the ducks just love to come over and say hello!!!

Ok, well I should probably finish up this cup of coffee and get some more finished!!! Once it is somewhat presentable I will post more pictures and maybe even a tour via vlog!!!

Hope everyone is well!!!


p.s. My bestest friend in the whole world, Tricia is being induced at 1 am (Tuesday, June 9, 2009) I know a lot of you know Tricia, but if you don't you can visit her on blogger at :

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

See Entry Below


Not long after I posted that last entry -I got a phone call!

Should have the keys by tomorrow!!!!


Crossing My Fingers!!!

(I am typing this entry from my cell phone so please bare with me!)

As I mentioned earlier in yesterdays entry we are in search of a house to rent! After Cory got off work we went and saw 3 properties.

The first 3 bedroom house one was nice. I was a bit ticked off though that I scheduled an appointment to see the home and 2 other families were there looking as well. Anyhow, like I said it was a nice home but we decided against it because the monthly price seemed high and it didn't have a stove or fridge in its kitchen. Those were available for 20$ each per month. NEXT!

The next house was also listed as a 3 bedroom home. One of the "bedrooms" was the size of a nice walkin closet. But would have made a nice small computer area...I mean it has windows..and closets usually don't have those. Ha! The other 2 rooms were nice size and the living area has hardwood floors. Kitchen was actually more than cupboards in that one. It was even less expensive than the first property! It still needs some work though...and we would have to park on the street at that property.

The last place we saw last night was the "smaller" of the houses....or so we thought from outside. It looked so tiny but inside it was perfect! It has 2 bedrooms 1.5 baths. Walk in closet. Makeup mirror in the bathroom...island in the kitchen...and the park is pretty much in your front yard! It is perfect! I really hope that we get this house! It is all I can think about today! We dropped off our application this morning. I hope all goes well. If we don't get this house I don't think I will find one I like that even compares to this! ::Trying to keep positive though:: ohh and did I mention it has a fireplace too?! I freaking LOVE this house! Pray it goes well for us!!

I will update soon!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Hello There!

It has been forever since I have stopped by my lonely blog and made an entry!

Things have been super busy on my end, but all is well!

We are house hunting at the moment! Hopefully we can find something to rent that we will all be happy with! So far that consists of 2+ bedrooms, preferably 3 (so far the houses we have looked at have had small -SMALL- bedrooms! I want a dishwasher...and we hope to live right by the park.

Tonight we are hoping to visit 2 properties that we found over the weekend! Both 3 bedroom homes--one close to the park the other not far..

The first property I like because it has hardwood floors (yes I peeked in the windows, lol)

The second property I like because It has a fully fenced in yard...the other does not have much of a yard at all.

There is also another property I want to look into because the park is in its front yard. literally. But that one is only a smaller 2 bedroom house.

We are all super excited to move because this one bedroom apartment is #1 cramped! #2 an apartment: neighbors that are elephants #3 an apartment. LOL

At the moment I am still job hunting for *that perfect job. Im not sure it I might just have to do whatever. I start school again in August...Summer will fly by I'm sure!

If I remember I will grab my camera and take a few shots of the properties tonight! Hopefully we find one we like!

I have skimmed blogs since I am so far behind on reading! Hopefully everyone is well!