Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I hate Squares!

Square, boxes--that is. So sick of seeing them!!!

I am still trying to get unpacked!!!
This is getting ridiculous!

, Cory took off work and he, Olivia, myself, and his little cousin Brittany all went down to Tennessee to visit his dad and step mom. We had a great time! It was nice to meet them, and my first time to TN..We went swimming, drove the 4 wheelers and had a nice time! It was good to get away for awhile!

Even if it was a round trip total of like 13 hours in the car...makes me appreciate the fact that I have a mini van now...much less cramped.

We are back home now and Cory's cousin is here with us...We talked to her mom and she is going to stay for the summer here with us since I need help...right now I am focusing on getting the house situated...but the great part of having her here is that I will be able to find a job...and work one! LOL! Being newly resided in Kokomo, I am not familiar with any daycare centers here and I do not want to just "pick one"

Having Brittany here will be such a big help to me!!! Just yesterday, I was able to get so much more done around here 2 extra hands is GREAT!

Oh and PS.. I mentioned a few Entries back that Tricia was having her baby on June 9th...Madilyn Hope arrived on June 10th instead...everyone is doing fine and at home now!!! Congrats Tricia and Nate!!


  1. ha, I hate boxes too.
    Sounds like a nice visit, even though you got a wee bit off track driving there. LOL
    Good thing his cousin can stay, now get that house done and a job found. =)
    LOVE YOU and thanks for the congrats...i feel weird saying this, but I miss her in the womb now, it's empty isn't it random?

  2. Sounds great dear! So when are we going to see pics ??? before and afters??? xoxo

  3. I am about to admit something that I can't believe I'm even telling about.... But I still have 2 boxes in my basement that aren't unpacked. And I've lived here for 9 years! Ha!

    It's all my cake decorating supplies. I've given up on that hobby. I should go down to the basement and get that stuff out and try my hand at it again. Maybe I could make some $ from decorating cakes.

    It's great that you have someone there to help with Miss O. Good luck on finding a job.

  4. Packing/unpacking sucks ass. It really, truly does. Take all the time you need. It's not going anywhere. LOL

    I can't wait to see pics!


  5. I hate packing, but I love UNpacking! It's like Christmas to me!

  6. Moving is never fun! Have a good weekend.

  7. Its so good that you get along with Corys family and that his cousin can help you out during the summer. You're right about the day care centre. you have to be careful that you find a good place!

    Adams parents recently moved up to TN so we're planning a trip stateside later this year, never been there before but I imagine its different to FL. They're in the mountains now!

  8. I love going to TN...it's a great state!

    So glad you have someone to help you out this summer...good luck in finding a job!


  9. You've got a minivan now? :) Glad Cory's cousin is able to help you out some!