Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crossing My Fingers!!!

(I am typing this entry from my cell phone so please bare with me!)

As I mentioned earlier in yesterdays entry we are in search of a house to rent! After Cory got off work we went and saw 3 properties.

The first 3 bedroom house one was nice. I was a bit ticked off though that I scheduled an appointment to see the home and 2 other families were there looking as well. Anyhow, like I said it was a nice home but we decided against it because the monthly price seemed high and it didn't have a stove or fridge in its kitchen. Those were available for 20$ each per month. NEXT!

The next house was also listed as a 3 bedroom home. One of the "bedrooms" was the size of a nice walkin closet. But would have made a nice small computer area...I mean it has windows..and closets usually don't have those. Ha! The other 2 rooms were nice size and the living area has hardwood floors. Kitchen was actually more than cupboards in that one. It was even less expensive than the first property! It still needs some work though...and we would have to park on the street at that property.

The last place we saw last night was the "smaller" of the houses....or so we thought from outside. It looked so tiny but inside it was perfect! It has 2 bedrooms 1.5 baths. Walk in closet. Makeup mirror in the bathroom...island in the kitchen...and the park is pretty much in your front yard! It is perfect! I really hope that we get this house! It is all I can think about today! We dropped off our application this morning. I hope all goes well. If we don't get this house I don't think I will find one I like that even compares to this! ::Trying to keep positive though:: ohh and did I mention it has a fireplace too?! I freaking LOVE this house! Pray it goes well for us!!

I will update soon!



  1. I P R E Y you get it!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserve it dear!!

  2. I hope you get it! :-)

  3. I can't believe 2 other families were lookin at the house at the same time either when you had an appointment...strange!

    I hope you get the house you fell in love with..you deserve it...so excited for you!

    If you do please take lots of pics to share :)