Thursday, April 30, 2009

A SweeTART Of A Day

Today was both happy and sad. I have officially gone to my last class of Spring Semester 09. While I am still a long way away from my goal of becoming a dental assistant...I feel as if I have made a dent in the process!

I will truly miss some of the people I have met.

**Only 2 finals left for Tuesday and then I can "relax" for the summer!**

I'm feeling better today & so far there are no signs of sickness in Olivia. I have been very cautious around her and washing my hands like crazy !

With homework & my final speech out of the way I'm able to focus on catching up some on my laundry before Olivia and I head to Kokomo for the weekend...or possibly until Tuesday depending on how confident I feel about my upcoming exams.

I feel like -jumping up and down on my bed with joy- just knowing that this is my last "shuffle weekend" between Cory's apartment and my mom's house. Every weekend since the beginning of January has been back and fourth. I am so SICK of packing! Its not even funny! Not to mention A total of 3 to 4 hours in the car per weekend EVERY weekend sucks!

So yeah no more of that. YESSS!

Speaking of Cory he left me this comment on my myspace earlier while I was at class. I thought I would share it because it was too sweet.

hey baby, just wanted to let you know i can't wait for your semester to be over so you can get down here. i'm super excited about it, i know everything is going to work out and we are gonna be much happier when we can see each other everyday. well i hope you do well on your speech today. I LOVE YOU!!

Sighhh... Hes sweet. huh? :) He picked out a little comment graphic and everything! I know its just a myspace comment...but he makes sure to go out of his way ontop of our hour long conversations to let me know hes thinking of me.

Well this is getting to be a pretty long entry! So I'll cut myself off and head downstairs to put my wash into the dryer before I lose the rest of you---is anyone even still reading this?!?!

oh PS-While I was procrastinating on my speech writing earlier I used the opportunity to update the look of my blog.

I added Twitter to my sidebar.."tweeting"..or um..whatever they call it.. its pretty neat-o! You can update your mood/whatever you are doing/thinking/feeling throughout the day & keep in contact with your friends...check it out !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

can someone pass me a tissue?

Well-I'm still sick.

Ive missed ALL of my classes this week.

I'm going to tough it out and go tomorrow to the one class I have left...only because I have to do my entertainment speech.

Should be very ummm...., "entertaining" since I'm stuffy/nasally/coughing ....great!!!

Ive been sleeping on the couch downstairs in hopes that Miss O won't catch whatever it is that I have.

...Finals Tuesday ((I need to study)) !!!

after that...

hopefully everyone is healthy so I can focus on moving....I'm really excited that the semester is finally ending!!

As for the move:

There might be a few changes...there is a possibility we may not stay in Kokomo-we might relocate to the Indianapolis area...

I'll update more on that as I know...

either way

I'm anxious to get my things out of storage !!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey Everyone !

I just wanted to pop in here and make a quick entry!

I have been super busy with finals approaching!! & go figure I'm sick! Just trying to rough it out through my last week! I have no time to be blowing my nose & coughing! My last Psychology class is tonight followed by my communications class....we are doing speeches tonight and Thursday. My last math class is Wednesday.

I'll be completely finished by next Tuesday after I take my Psych and Math finals.

I'm thinking a round of cold meds && cram sessions are in store for me.

I'm very anxious to get this semester over with !

I hope everyone is well!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Embracing My Inner Weirdo

This past week in my Psychology class we have been studying

::The Psychological Disorders::

-anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias....etc. etc. etc.

....I have always known that I have had mild OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). If something isn't "right" or is bothering me I become anxious. Its not horribly bad & doesn't prevent me from living my life or anything like that...but it is there.

Here comes the silly part...ever since Olivia came into the picture. I still obsess about "the things" & have anxiety over them ... but I fail to carry out the disorder and become compulsive.

Is it just that I am too tired???? Too tired to organize/scrub/de-clutter/wash/rinse/everything again???

Tired or not one thing that creeps me out is:


That's right..the refrigerator.

I have this weird... I guess I could call it --food (rotting mold) phobia--

I am constantly throwing out food *even before the expiration dates* -long before "that smell of death".

It just really grosses me out to-no-end. Even thinking about potential slime, spunk, moldy, curdles sends chills up my spine & that creepy crawly feeling on my skin ! !

I once cleaned out my moms cupboard and found (((((20 year old nutmeg))))) It was older than my younger brother!!! I wanted to die* first of laughter-then of disbelief. How can someone hold on to a food item that long?!?!?...spice or not!

So what about you guys?!

Do you have any "inner weirdo issues" ???

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

giddy up piggy

peace out ;)

that pig is actually a bank--believe it or not!--

Zebra Ghost! *(pictures)

Scary, Eh?

There she is!

Olivia age: 3 1/2

I would also like to take time to thank Bernie for awarding me this:

It now has a nice home in my sidebar! :)

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Last but not least I would like to invite you all to go visit the 5 girls @ Chic Chat ! I have gotten to know all 5 of these ladies and enjoy reading their new group blog!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Aruba, Jamaica oOo I wanna take you

Everybody knows
A little place like kokomo
Now if you wanna go
And get away from it all
Go down to kokomo

Aruba, jamaica ooo I wanna take you
To berm...

Ok, ok...maybe I'm getting a little TOO EXCITED...

What's all this singing about?!

I'm moving!!!

Ok maybe no place tropical...but Kokomo, Indiana.

After school gets out next month- Olivia and I will be moving in with my boyfriend Cory!

I'm transferring to a college out there in the fall. The dental assisting program is offered at a school that is WAY less competitive! The school I'm at now accepts a very small amount of those that apply!

I'm super excited!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

new post!!! wow!

Yes, it's me! (Emily, remember her??)

I am long overdue for an update. My last post was back in January!!! Man, I feel like a blogging failure!  I guess I have just been wrapped up in my classes and trying not to fail at that. -Just a tad bit more important ;)

Well it is April now.

I only have one month left of spring semester until summer vacation.  I decided not to take any classes for summer I or summer II. Each is roughly 6 weeks long and I need to take full time classes just to cover my living expenses. Not happening. I can no way cover 4 classes in 6 weeks time. I will hunt for a summer job and resume classes in the fall.  I love being back in school!

Olivia is doing very well.  It is difficult balancing the ::mommy life:: with the ::student life:: but I am learning to balance the both.  Olivia is coming along with potty training and no longer is she in her speech therapy classes.  She talks all the time now!!! Some is a bit hard to understand still but she is doing SO well!  My mom has been nice enough to watch her for me while I attend classes Monday - Thursday evenings.

I now have a boyfriend.  He lives an hour and a half away from me (on a "good-traffic-day").  We met on myspace back in October while he was in Iraq. (I know!) -BUT- he is the best ever!!!  Cory is in the army national guard & lives the civilian life as of now- except for one weekend a month. While he was in Iraq we talked constantly. We got to know each other before we even met. Well-we finally got to meet in person by January (and obviously hit it off without a keyboard) and well-have pretty much been inseparable ever since.  I usually get to see him on the weekends. The distance thing sucks...-but hey its a lot better than emails. 

Hope that all of you are doing well!!!
I will try to get better with updating this as school slows down!!!