Monday, May 11, 2009

School's Out For Summer!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of my mommy friends!!  I hope you all enjoyed your day!

My Mother's Day was very nice!  Olivia and Cory served me breakfast in bed, along with a card and flowers. We also went to a couple of cookouts over the weekend with some of his family. It was a fun weekend.

I'm finally finished with my classes until August! This is the first week I won't have ANYTHING school related at all!!! 

It is so nice to have a break for the summer!

Since I am finished with my classes-Olivia and I are in Kokomo still. I am slowly making the move transition. I have moved the necessities here but not too much. Right now we are  temporarily staying in his one bedroom apartment, just until we can move into a two bedroom or possibly rent a house. Needless to say we are pretty cramped-so I don't want to bring that much here yet! It will be nice when there is room for all of our belongings. 

I know I had mentioned a few entries back the possibility of us moving to Indy---Well Cory and I talked and we have decided it would be best to stay here in Kokomo. He had briefly mentioned moving to Indy for a job opportunity in the area but that fell through.

This week I am going to put some applications in and look for a daycare. Hopefully I can find work/daycare fast! 

Olivia and I are also going to drive back to Fort Wayne midweek and spend a couple days with my mom since we spent mother's day here without her.

Well I should probably get off of my butt. Lots to do! 

Life is busy, But good!