Monday, August 31, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I really need to go grocery shopping! I don't mind the task, I like shopping--for all things.

One thing I do not like however, is the
huge bill. We need all of the necessities it seems: toilet paper, coffee! Those are staples to the house!

I've clipped coupons, scanned the sale adds...but it seems I can never get out of the store without at least spending $100.00...usually around $130.00. I try to get to the grocery store weekly, if I don't we usually end up spending money on fast food or pizza...which brings the total food cost to...oh god, I don't even want to think of it!

I want to know: What are your grocery shopping tips, if any? How much do you spend? How often do you shop? Where do you shop? Do you plan meals, or grab whatever?


Today marks another week of classes. This week in English we are supposed to read 100+ text pages, and interview someone in our desired occupational goal. Now I need to find a dental assistant I can interview....

On a fun note...Cory, his parents, Olivia, and I drove to Indy yesterday and biked
18 miles on the Monon Trail! It was tough...and towards the end I felt as if my legs were going to quit on me, and my butt would never leave the bicycle seat--but the after feeling was awesome! I felt so good to be out on a nice day and get some exercise!

As a reward we of course stopped for food! :) Hamburgers at a place called Bubs. It was delish! I definitely want to eat there again...uhhh oops...I mean bike the trail!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A real update!

Hey Guys!

I finally have a moment to update this poor blog of mine! I have been super busy and lots has been going on! I don't even know where to start past updating so I will update with the present!

I started my new classes this week. I going half time this semester instead of full. I would have liked to have gone full time but the classes I needed were full. So right now I am just taking the last of my pre-recs. I have my English class totally online...which is nice (but I'm worried may be hard, TONS of reading) and another Communications class...which I enjoy so I am looking forward to that. Next month we can start enrolling for spring semester which starts in I am going to take advantage of that and get my classes set up early this time! I am going for Dental Assisting and these classes seem to fill up very quickly!

Olivia is turning 4 years old in 12 days! I cannot believe what a big girl she is now...and how independent she is getting. She now is fully out of pull ups. We had only used the pull ups for bedtime but she now sleeps in big girl underpants! Yeahh!

Cory is working a lot lately and he just started his classes last week as well. He is taking 4 classes this semester and goes Monday through Thursday. He pretty much goes from work to class these days.

This first week back to school has really readjusted our schedule. It seems the second we do see each other there is way too much to do around the house or with school to really spend quality time together. I hope we are able to stay sane this semester!!!

I have tons of reading to do still for both of my classes, but right now looking around at my house, I think it is best to 'reset the chaos' that has occurred.

Speaking of Chaos...I don't think I have mentioned it in here yet, but we added to our family last month!!! We have 2 young parakeets, their names are Chaos and Calamity. They are so sweet. They are "Olivia's birds" but really family pets since we all were dying to have a pet. We rent so we are not able to have a dog or a cat, which realizing now isn't a bad thing since we have such busy schedules!
Above: Calamity (right) and Chaos (left). Their names suit them very well. They are very young right now so we are not completely sure of their sex....but we think Calamity is female and Chaos, wonder their names fit them so well right???

On a closing note....I am looking for a new name to better suit my blog. Since starting this blog, I feel I don't really have a connection with the blog name I selected. Any ideas for a new blog name would be appreciated! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The past month...

I really have not been a good blogger at all!

Things have been super busy and before I know it another month has went by! Shoot, where has the whole summer gone!?!

Olivia will already be four next month!

We just added to our family! No, not any babies or anything...2 parakeets - Chaos and Calamity! They are so sweet :)

I'm still trying to get everything worked out for Fall semester out here. I sent my application over a month ago and never heard back...So I've been on the phone with the college trying to figure out what the problem is...

Sooo anyhow, It's 2-something am and I cannot sleep...but I just wanted to stop in and make a 'hello' entry. Make sure you guys don't forget about me and all.