Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Women: Love/Hate

5 reasons I love/hate being a women!


Shopping! A girl can never ever have enough shoes/purses/accessories! We have much better clothing options and men well they tend to just have a few pairs of shoes...shirts and pants...BORING!

Babies! Women carry the babies. It is such a wonderful experience watching your body transform in order to grow and nourish a baby. Then, on top of all of that you get another name! MOM!

The Female body: Lets admit it...we really lucked out in this department..I mean come on...have you ever just really stared at a male nude. wth. lol! =)
This brings me to another key point...we get to choose where/if we want hair in areas some men dont ever even think about other than soap/water.

housing: Some men believe women take care of/run the household...well this is 2009. Its funny how most men want their *man zone* (you know that area where they hang all their dorky beer crap??) I love that man zone...where was I going with this...

oh yeah!!! man zone=peace && quiet! Plus beer signs in the living room are a nogo. !!!

(remind me next house I move into I need one of those on my "wants list")

*make-up & hair: Us women, have the option to switch up our look whenever we want!!! We can smell differently depending on our mood/change the color of our best features via makeup/try a new hair style out/have long hair/short hair/curls/straight...all depending on our mood!
Now tell can do this stuff too...and they may secretly wish they could (dont lie) But there is really only so many ways to gel your hair/cut it...and if you use more than a few bottles in the bathroom...our perfectly plucked eyebrows may raise at the sight!


that time of the month: This is probably the suckiest part about being female...even though the purpose of having these = a Love. Its not fun having cramps/bloating etc. ect. ect. There's more but....

nuff said.

*maintaining ourselves: Somedays it would be nice to shower, not shave if we don't want to...and throw on those two key items = shirt, pants. and just walk out the door... total time 10 minutes MAX!!!

*horomones: Sometimes they make us too hot...moody...and irritable... all for no reason... & sometimes when you are just trying to TALK to a man they insist you are being a nag/bitching/whatever you want to label it as. Can't we just -have a bad day- ???

*the bathroom situation: You can pee whenever where ever without toilet paper, even!!! The toilet paper thing is a bit gross...Id say...but yeah have you seen a women's restroom???...they are sometimes equally gross as a mens....I wonder if a public restroom design would be a good know something more "hover" appropriate?

*weight: Males somehow turned a "beer belly" into a trophy...but if women don't shed every inch of having a baby off in 2 weeks...we are considered over weight...


  1. YAY!! I will add you to the list of Participants now!

  2. Thanks Britt!!! Sorry it took me so long to do this entry! I wanted to wait until I had more than 5 minutes to brainstorm one up =)

    I had fun doing it though ! Great idea! Cannot wait to see who wins!!

  3. I'm cracking up about the male body. You are SO RIGHT. At least we don't have dangly body parts.

    Well, okay. My boobs are now a bit dangly after breastfeeding twice...but you know what I mean. LOL

    Thanks for participating.


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    What a great post! & so true!! :) Feel free to stop by our blog anytime you want!

  5. LOL! I agree with every singe one of these!

  6. Oh hormones and weight...blah. It kills me how my hubby can eat a plate of nachos and lose 5 pounds while I look at the nachos and gain five pounds.

  7. I like all your responses. Men have it so freakin' easy, but seems we get quite a few perks! :)