Friday, April 3, 2009

new post!!! wow!

Yes, it's me! (Emily, remember her??)

I am long overdue for an update. My last post was back in January!!! Man, I feel like a blogging failure!  I guess I have just been wrapped up in my classes and trying not to fail at that. -Just a tad bit more important ;)

Well it is April now.

I only have one month left of spring semester until summer vacation.  I decided not to take any classes for summer I or summer II. Each is roughly 6 weeks long and I need to take full time classes just to cover my living expenses. Not happening. I can no way cover 4 classes in 6 weeks time. I will hunt for a summer job and resume classes in the fall.  I love being back in school!

Olivia is doing very well.  It is difficult balancing the ::mommy life:: with the ::student life:: but I am learning to balance the both.  Olivia is coming along with potty training and no longer is she in her speech therapy classes.  She talks all the time now!!! Some is a bit hard to understand still but she is doing SO well!  My mom has been nice enough to watch her for me while I attend classes Monday - Thursday evenings.

I now have a boyfriend.  He lives an hour and a half away from me (on a "good-traffic-day").  We met on myspace back in October while he was in Iraq. (I know!) -BUT- he is the best ever!!!  Cory is in the army national guard & lives the civilian life as of now- except for one weekend a month. While he was in Iraq we talked constantly. We got to know each other before we even met. Well-we finally got to meet in person by January (and obviously hit it off without a keyboard) and well-have pretty much been inseparable ever since.  I usually get to see him on the weekends. The distance thing sucks...-but hey its a lot better than emails. 

Hope that all of you are doing well!!!
I will try to get better with updating this as school slows down!!!



  1. WOW didn't know which blog this was when I saw it on my dashboard. LOL none the less glad to see an update! So happy for your school and new man. It might be better this way, that way u have school and oliva time during week and weekends with him :) hope to see more blogging! Hugs,Cass

  2. I'm with Cassie...I was like, "What blog is this?" LOL

    Sounds like life is pretty sweet for you right now. I'm so glad. You deserve the good life.

    Love ya!

    Update sooner next time! LOL

  3. YAY! Updates from Emily! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well!

    Going back to school and a new man?! Sounds exciting. Gotta agree with Bridgett, you deserve it girl!

    Take it easy and give Miss O some kisses and hugs!

  4. who are you, and what are you doing on the blogs I follow? (echooo will you even get this comment, or should I just text it or call it to you? LOL)
    Glad to see you found sometime to write. LMAO

  5. So good to hear from you girlie!

    Glad things are going great for you...hope we hear from you more often...I know how it is when your busy though!


  6. It has been a long time! I'm glad things are busy but going well!

  7. Wow long time no Its good to hear your happy and doing well!!! Olivia is getting so big!!! Hope you guys can come visit Cali again sometime.

    Love ya, Liz

  8. Awwww!! I am glad things are going so well for you and Miss Olivia (omg she is growing up!). I love how your met your boyfriend, sigh. :D


  9. It's great to hear that life is looking up for you and you're happy.


  10. I was wondering what happened to you. Wasn't sure if you'd be back on here or not!

    YAY on the BF!

  11. Ahh yes, a long overdue update, and a good one at that! I'm so happy you're trying to stay with it here. I was just reviewing some scores and you are da man! Someday I will win one :)

  12. Glad you're alive still! LOL Nice to FINALLY hear about the b/f too. ;)

  13. What the hell?! You've been updating your blog?! Well hello there, and welcome back. Sorry I'm a bit late, I haven't gotten any of your alerts.

    So Cory is the name of the guy in your MySpace pictures? I've been wondering... Lol.