Thursday, January 1, 2009


"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can." ~Cary Grant

After the ball has dropped and the purchase of a new calendar has been made, one may feel a sense of new beginning. After a year like 2008-Let me tell you, have I been waiting for simply that-a fresh start.
I'm not going to sit and make new year's resolutions for 2009. Really, how many of us follow through with those anyhow?
With 2009, I will remember good and bad from the previous year-and pray for better!
In May of last year, I made a difficult decision. I ended my 8 and a half year relationship (4 1/2 married) with my soon to be ex-husband. I ended a huge chapter in my life, a time that dates back to being a "silly teenager".
Speaking of the teen years...I suddenly feel as if I am re-living that stage of my life in a sense. Living at home with Mommy is difficult after you have left the nest! Instead of my walls being infested with boy band posters/etc. -I now share this tiny bedroom with my daughter.
Oh, how life has changed. . . . .


  1. Emily, glad you found me again hon !!!!!! Wishing you and Miss O an awesome "2009" Love and Hugs Lisa

  2. I'm glad your mom is there for you and the baby. Get through your school and then you'll be able to work towards your own place. You'll be like my daughter move into an apartment with one room of furniture, but it was her place.
    Look forward to hearing how you're getting on.
    Take care, Chrissie

  3. HI GIRL!! Welcome to Blogville!! So good to see you writing again...i would love to be added to your private one too if you don't mind...

    how's the little princess??

    Happy New year!!!

  4. Let me say again how nice it is to see you blogging again. Moving back home is tough but its great that you have that support during such a trying time. I know you didn't take your decision lightly and will be keeping you, Miss O and Tony in my prayers. Leene

  5. It was a big change, but one for a better life for you and Olivia. It might seem rough now, but it'll get better.

  6. You won't be living with your mom forever. Pretty soon you and Olivia can find an adorable little place of your own. Then maybe life won't seem so 'abnormal' anymore.

    I do know what you mean though. We lived with my parents for about 2 months when we first moved back to WV so we could save money and look for jobs.

    It was awful. Mom and I fought like crazy. So I can empathize.

    It sounds like you did what was right for you and your little girl. That's what counts.


  7. Awesome, Awesome. I'm so glad you've decided to give this another try! LYSM!!!!

  8. WELCOME! I'm so glad you are here on blogger so I can stay in tough with you again. I am sure that it's difficult to be back home with your mom, but I am glad that you have the support that you need right now. I'm sending you the link to my journal too....stop by and say hello! And thanks for your email!!


  9. I was once in your shoes, a young single mom living at home (with my dad). Trust me when I say you made the right decision for you and Olivia!! This is only temporary...hang in there and it will be worth it!!!

    Love ya, Liz

  10. yes, it has changed but you have more freedom now than you did. less abuse. and a chance to grow and find Emily again. I am proud of you!!!!!

  11. ((((((EM))))))) omg I am so happy to hear from you. email me with your new address so i can write. give miss O a big kiss for me.

    Love ya,
    Cindy xoxoxo

  12. I think you have made the right decision time you will be able to get a place of your own for you and Miss O...I am so proud of you for going back to school...and so glad your mom is there for you...sounds like 2009 is starting off on the right track for you...Best of Luck with everything!!!

    YAY! So glad you are back :)


  13. hi Emily, I had read your blog before on Aol, I recently started my own blog. Feel free to stop by sometime.

  14. gurl.. let me just tell ya i am proud b\c of gurls like you ...
    you make it look so easy just to be able to do something like that... didnt you have any doubts what so ever???

  15. when my 1st DH left us, Meg and i had to move back home with my dad....she was 9 months old. It was weird but it was a positive thing in the end and i am sure this time with your mom will also prove to be a good thing for you and Miss O. So glad you are journaling again! XO

  16. You're going back to school! GFU!! I'm proud of you. I'm sure it's strange being back home with the parents but you are very lucky to have them to fall back on. Good parents. :o)

    Give Miss O a squeeze or two from your Ohio neighbor. =)


  17. I will assure you that this year will be a better one for you. Life will get better and all you have to do is remember to keep a smile on your pretty face as often as possible. Have a happy year. : )

  18. Please write more thanks! Howboutnow?

  19. I also wish you a much better 2009! The sky's the limit girl!

  20. Glad to see you back here! I can't wait to see some pics of Miss O!!

  21. Hey Emily not sure if you remember me, it's been a couple years! I'm praying for you as you go through your divorce and try to start again. I'll be praying for you and little Miss O, I can't believe she's 3 now!
    My screenname on aol is My3gifts...I had a blog over on aol (Christy's Thoughts) and have blogged over here for quite a few years as well! I mostly write on My Gifts...Among Other Things.

    God Bless and you're in my prayers


  23. hi there :) i was a single mom for years, and i look back on it, one bedroombrokeness and all, very fondly. my son and i were so close. bless you!

  24. Hey there,
    Came here via Jimmy...we both got his sweet award!
    Try not to be so hard on yourself, feeling like a teen again. Thank goodness you have somewhere to go and that you had the strength to make such a big change in your life.
    Take care!


  25. Found you via Stupidsheets. Hope your start writing more. Hugs to you as you go through your ordeal.