Wednesday, April 29, 2009

can someone pass me a tissue?

Well-I'm still sick.

Ive missed ALL of my classes this week.

I'm going to tough it out and go tomorrow to the one class I have left...only because I have to do my entertainment speech.

Should be very ummm...., "entertaining" since I'm stuffy/nasally/coughing ....great!!!

Ive been sleeping on the couch downstairs in hopes that Miss O won't catch whatever it is that I have.

...Finals Tuesday ((I need to study)) !!!

after that...

hopefully everyone is healthy so I can focus on moving....I'm really excited that the semester is finally ending!!

As for the move:

There might be a few changes...there is a possibility we may not stay in Kokomo-we might relocate to the Indianapolis area...

I'll update more on that as I know...

either way

I'm anxious to get my things out of storage !!!


  1. If you have a fever, you MUST go to the Dr...just to make sure you dont have that swine flu!!!

    Take care of yourself!!


  2. Emily, hope you feel better soon hon !!!!! Hugs Lisa

  3. sure hope you feel better and make it through finals!

  4. No swine should go in. Period.

  5. Your moving in with your Boyfriend right?
    How long have you guys been together?

  6. Hiyas,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Really appreciate the comments!

    My husband is away training for war right now, he'll be back within the week. But.... he'll be gone for a month in June to train and then he'll be gone a year starting Sept to Iraq. Our second deployment.

    It never gets easier.

    Thanks again for the blog love!


  7. The only layouts that you can change without losing all your goodies on the side are the ones by The Cutest Blog On The Block or other sites that tell you to put the code in as a sidebar widget. Any layout or code that has to be put in the "Edit HTML" part of your "blogger settings" WILL delete your widgets on the side.

  8. Try a netti pot, Emily; they are gross, but they work!

  9. Actually No sweety I think this is perfect. It's the perfect balance with the perfect touches!! Me likey!

  10. Hey hun! like the blog. Really? Is the school near indy? what part? hope you feel better! get back to me! hugs!

  11. How did the speech go? I'll be interested to find out.


    Love the look of the blog...and moving just around the corner! WooHoo!

    How far is Indianapolis from Kokomo?

  12. ohhh I'll let you know how it goes! LOL

    the only thing productive I have done today is the blogmakeover

    I need to get it together. GEEZ...WTH is wrong with me!