Friday, April 17, 2009

Embracing My Inner Weirdo

This past week in my Psychology class we have been studying

::The Psychological Disorders::

-anxiety disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia, OCD, post traumatic stress disorder, phobias....etc. etc. etc.

....I have always known that I have had mild OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). If something isn't "right" or is bothering me I become anxious. Its not horribly bad & doesn't prevent me from living my life or anything like that...but it is there.

Here comes the silly part...ever since Olivia came into the picture. I still obsess about "the things" & have anxiety over them ... but I fail to carry out the disorder and become compulsive.

Is it just that I am too tired???? Too tired to organize/scrub/de-clutter/wash/rinse/everything again???

Tired or not one thing that creeps me out is:


That's right..the refrigerator.

I have this weird... I guess I could call it --food (rotting mold) phobia--

I am constantly throwing out food *even before the expiration dates* -long before "that smell of death".

It just really grosses me out to-no-end. Even thinking about potential slime, spunk, moldy, curdles sends chills up my spine & that creepy crawly feeling on my skin ! !

I once cleaned out my moms cupboard and found (((((20 year old nutmeg))))) It was older than my younger brother!!! I wanted to die* first of laughter-then of disbelief. How can someone hold on to a food item that long?!?!?...spice or not!

So what about you guys?!

Do you have any "inner weirdo issues" ???


  1. I too am scared to death of food getting moldy! I hate eating left overs even if they're just a day old!!

  2. I cannot do the left over thing either. makes me stomach turn!!!

  3. I throw out lunch meat once a wk and we use maybe half of it! I almost puke if I open the girls sips and its curled milk yikes!! My phobia is the kitchen all the house can be a mess but Kitchen has to be spotless at all times!! Good post, Cass

  4. The worst is making a sandwich and eating some of it then discovering Mold on a little tiny piece of the bread that you didn't see when you made it....I vomit when that happens

  5. husband always gets mad at me for throwing out the leftovers after a couple days. I keep telling him they are bad and he says they arent. I throw anything away that is even close to expiring...glad to know Im not the only one!!

  6. I don't dig the leftovers much, but will eat some if it was a pricey home made meal that kept ok. But, not for way. I leave those for Nate. After all he makes the money that buys the food, if he feels like eating it...more power to him.
    The lunch meat, like cass said I agree with. YUCK
    I'm a weirdo about....I dunno because right now my house shows no signs of any OCD, it's in shambles..I can't keep up. and that is bugging me.
    MY LY

  7. Girl..I am the SAME way.
    My fridge is always orderly and I'm always going through and checking expiration dates.

    When we lived with Doug's parents, I've never seen such pack rat behavior with food in my life! Of course, they'd save the food in containers, but then it would wind up WAAAAY back in their fridge not to be seen for a couple months.

    I finally just started cleaning everything out for them. I couldn't stand opening containers and seeing thing GROWING on their food. Fecking nasty.

    So I hear ya loud and clear about that.

    And yes. For the record. I have mild OCD too. So does Parker. LOL

  8. i am a freak about the milk. one day over, or even on the day of, it is gone. can't do it. drives my mom crazy. but I am telling you, it does taste different!!! lol

  9. grrrr could have sworn I was following you. WELL I am here now. :D

  10. That's too funny! I majored in Psychology and it's funny studying the disorders, because you're certain you have half of them!

    I'm a little OCD too...and that's FINE with me! You would DIE if you went over to my MIL's house. She doesn't check the expiration date on ANYTHING! When my hubby & I got married, she stocked our pantry full of stuff while we were on our honeymoon. I was SO excited that she gave us my favorite brownie mix that I couldn't find ANYWHERE! Turns out that was still the case because the brownie mix had expired TWO years before!! LOL!

  11. hello~! was blog hopping and found you here, you comment my friends' blogs all the time so I had to come and see your blog... :-D

    I'm fully OCD about the fridge and anything that is older than one week old has to go. Once I took some chicken out to defrost and forgot about it for a couple of hours and was going to throw it away and my hubby caught me and shrieked, "stop! what are you DOING?" I told him I forgot about the chicken defrosting and it was probably gone bad by now and he picked up one was still stuck to another one.
    It was still frozen.