Monday, August 31, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I really need to go grocery shopping! I don't mind the task, I like shopping--for all things.

One thing I do not like however, is the
huge bill. We need all of the necessities it seems: toilet paper, coffee! Those are staples to the house!

I've clipped coupons, scanned the sale adds...but it seems I can never get out of the store without at least spending $100.00...usually around $130.00. I try to get to the grocery store weekly, if I don't we usually end up spending money on fast food or pizza...which brings the total food cost to...oh god, I don't even want to think of it!

I want to know: What are your grocery shopping tips, if any? How much do you spend? How often do you shop? Where do you shop? Do you plan meals, or grab whatever?


Today marks another week of classes. This week in English we are supposed to read 100+ text pages, and interview someone in our desired occupational goal. Now I need to find a dental assistant I can interview....

On a fun note...Cory, his parents, Olivia, and I drove to Indy yesterday and biked
18 miles on the Monon Trail! It was tough...and towards the end I felt as if my legs were going to quit on me, and my butt would never leave the bicycle seat--but the after feeling was awesome! I felt so good to be out on a nice day and get some exercise!

As a reward we of course stopped for food! :) Hamburgers at a place called Bubs. It was delish! I definitely want to eat there again...uhhh oops...I mean bike the trail!


  1. Here go my tips! I go to the cheapest stores first before going to the grocery store. Grocery stores are pretty expensive. I usually buy generic before brand name (there are exceptions). I stock up on items when they are on sale...I buy "manager's specials" which are marked way down and then freeze them. I have a list of items to keep on hand at all times, plus I do have recipes that I want to make so I will get any items I need for that....I make one big trip and spend about $300 for the month plus any side trips. I don't buy too much junk food or soda. I never buy toiletries at the grocery store, that's a separate trip to the discount stores. and obviously coupons, but not very often....

  2. Planning our meals for each week and ONLY buying those ingredients helps a lot. We don't buy much soda or junk food as Doug and I are both on WW and the kids are both gluten and casein free.

    And we do most of our shopping at Wal-Mart because they'll match an sale price, as long as you have the paper to prove the price at the other store. Plus, they seem to be the overall cheapest store around here for food.

    We usually spend around $100/week, average.

    I'm not great at clipping coupons though. I try, but I'm just not a great bargain shopper.


  3. Meal planning, shopping with the ads and using coupons is key for our budget. I also try to make alot of things at home versus buying them such as cookies, granola mix, muffins and side dishes. We also only eat meat for dinner four or five times a week and then eat one or two meatless meals with one night of leftovers. I grocery shop each week and only spend around $75.00 for our family of four.

    The bike ride sounds like it was alot of fun - good exercise and a treat at the end.

  4. I do a lot of my shopping at discount grocery stores. Aldi is my favorite. I also make large quantities of food at one time and then freeze half for another meal. Not only are you saving time, but you're saving money. Wish you luck!!

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  6. Emily, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. It's been a while since you've posted!